We're honored to be affiliated with some pretty amazing people and organizations!

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Monterey Bay Meditation Studio

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio offers opportunities to develop, sustain, and deepen your meditation practice while helping to create a diverse and supportive community of people interested in being, learning, and evolving. With an eye on providing a safe, comfortable environment for practice, growth, and community, MBMS is committed to making mindfulness and compassion both accessible and relevant. With an intention of cultivating awareness and kindness as way of being in the world,  a variety of classes, workshops and retreats are offered, based on secular teaching, ancient wisdom, and current application.

Flourish & Bloom

Flourish & Bloom offers mindfulness coaching and virtual courses for individuals who are interested in being more aware and compassionate, feeling better, and living better; customized workshops and trainings for groups in educational, corporate, and healthcare settings; and mindfulness practice opportunities in the Monterey community.