We love to cook, and it shows!

Not to brag, but we get pretty rave reviews. ;) Vi wields her grandmother's recipe book of amazing baked goods, and Katie shows off her creativity in making winning combinations of flavors and textures. We'll stock the lodging areas with breakfast and snack foods (homemade granola, anyone?) and prepare homemade lunches and scheduled dinners to share as a community.

In the application process, you'll have a chance to let us know about any special diets, allergies, sensitivities, and/or strong preferences, and we'll take everyone's needs into account as we plan our menus. 

The sense of being cared for was deeply nurturing. To have the presenters also providing delicious, nutritious food made me feel cared for in a way I rarely do.

—2018 retreat participant

The hospitality you showed was awesome— sharing your home, making fabulous food.

— 2018 retreat participant