How We Approach the Writing Process

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At this retreat, you will learn ways to access your words, use them, and represent your thoughts in ways that have meaning for others. You will reflect on your writing: Why do I write the way I do? What does being a productive writer mean for me? During our opening and closing sessions of our writing day, Vi will give prompts, share stories of other writers, and give you tips that will help you reflect on your writing and strengthen your realization that you are in a writing process. These resources will help you to identify your writing expectations that can lead to mental blocks in your writing. You will be better able, then, to identify, respect and trust your own writing process and create the environment you need for writing.

Then, in a state of engagement in and acceptance of your process, you will…write. The retreat will give you the time, space, and structure to write in the way you may have always wanted to write. This, too, is a process that is not linear but circular, always going deeper in your journey of tapping into your writing self. You will have opportunities to receive feedback. You will inhabit a beautiful and natural space in the time span set aside for you and your writing. This space and time plus you is the perfect equation in which to create your ways of knowing for yourself. Read more about Vi's approach.


Mindfulness & The Creative Process


Mindfulness is awareness-- paying attention. Anyone can develop the ability to be more and more mindful, and there are so many ways to do this. Meditation is one very special type of mindfulness practice in which we simply sit and experience what is happening in each moment. Mindfulness and meditation support the creative process by developing the very qualities and states of mind that are so helpful to writers: keen observation of the internal and external fields, the ability to be focused and clear-headed, and attitudes of curiosity, openness, and acceptance that allow the wisdom of intuition to flow, and so that we can write ourselves into new ways of knowing that we could never have anticipated. Read more about mindfulness and the creative process.