On the Retreat


"New Ways of Knowing Writing & Meditation Retreat is about being alone and together, embracing the solitude that feeds the work and deriving strength from the community that supports it. Their message is clear: your writing is so important that we created this space for you. At this retreat, you meet your pages head-on and accomplish what you set out to do.

I arrived at the retreat with a laptop and a book idea in my head that had been begging for some time to be let out. By the time I caught my flight home, a good quarter of it had tumbled onto the page. Was the retreat conducive to my creative process? It most certainly was!"

— Laurie Buchanan, author and retreat participant


on VI's Facilitation


"The camaraderie, knowing that others were writing alongside me, encouraged me to keep slugging through the challenges of writing. Knowing that others are also writing is empowering for me. We’re in this together through the challenges and the successes."

"I recognized, again, how helpful it is to write in community. I wanted to be accountable and to help others do the same. I also enjoyed the mindfulness exercises."


"Setting the week aside to work was tremendously helpful.  I made good progress on a big project."

"This was such a wonderful opportunity for me to dust off my writing skills and dig into some important emotional work that I have shoved below the surface for many, many years.  If I don't carve out time for a writing project, I recognize that it will not happen. I am very easily distracted when I try to write at home, so this opportunity to find a corner and dedicate it solely to writing was important to my productivity."

...and More

"The retreat was very conducive to my creative process and productivity."

"As a writer and creator, this retreat was amazing. Your morning readings were very helpful."

"Your voice is so perfect for this retreat and conducive to my creativity. You have useful and amazing resources; it’s brilliant.

[When asked if participant would take the retreat again] "OMGoodness - most definitely!  Why doesn't everyone clamor for this opportunity?!?"

"Thanks so much for all that you did to make this a wonderful week for me. It was such a breath of fresh air for my creative self!"

On Katie's Teaching

"I'm so grateful to have discovered Katie! She's an EXCELLENT listener, very patient, has access to an abundance of resources to recommend, and tailored the sessions to fit my needs. I highly recommend Katie to everyone looking to initiate or deepen their meditation practice, or introduce greater mindfulness into their lives."

"Katie is kind, compassionate, and calming. Absolutely lovely— and believes in what she does."

"Katie worked with me with patience, openness, and kindness. She essentially modeled the qualities that I hoped to instill in myself, toward myself-- a patience with repetitive thoughts, an acceptance of difficult emotions, and an openness to whatever arises. She also provided me with resources and useful suggestions to support my efforts outside of our meetings."

"Katie is wonderful. Her presence is calming and peaceful. The atmosphere she creates is very calming and accepting. She elicits participation in a very engaging, tactful, and welcoming way."

"Katie has helped me on an important journey toward shedding the darkness, and for that I am forever grateful.  There is indeed another way to be.  She is a gracious coach, wise beyond her years, and I look forward to our future work together."